Building & Design Process

Your Partnership With Us

Exceptional customer relationships are a priority for us and the partnership we form will build confidence.

We understand that you want to be involved in the entire process of building of your new home. We encourage you to visit the home site as often as possible during construction and will always make certain we have a team member available to answer your questions and help you understand how your home is being constructed.

The construction of a new home involves electrical systems, mechanical systems, plumbing, thousands of parts and fasteners, and so much more. We always do our very best to build your home with zero defects, but if a problem does occur, it only takes you one phone call or email to get it fixed!

We strive for exceptional communication with all of our clients, whether it be in person, via phone or email. Just let us know what works best for you and we will stay in contact with your throughout each phase of the process so that you are always up to date on what is taking place at your home site.


1. Schedule an appointment or phone call with one of our building specialists to discuss your home building needs.
2. Allow your specialist to inspect the property you intend to build your home on.
3. Establish your personal start date, completion date, and budget.
4. Schedule a preliminary meeting with our design team to begin the design of your new home.
5. Receive a preliminary floor plan and elevations for your review.
6. Work with your design specialist via phone, email, or in person to perfect the plan.
7. Your pricing specialist prepares and presents your preliminary price.
8. You make final changes and authorize preparation of your final drawings.
9. Your final price and contracts are presented for your review.
10. You approve and sign all plans and contracts, and we move on to the permitting phase.